UK-based translation firm looking for people to help translate Brooklynese!

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New York, April 29(ANI): A London-based translation firm is offering jobs to people who can help translate Brooklyn accent.

Europeans traveling to America are often baffled by Brooklynese style of speech.

To help such tourists, Today Translations has posted an ad on craigslist seeking speakers of "'Brooklyn English,' with good knowledge of accent, slang, nuances" to help foreigners who "find it an unexpected challenge."

Freelance translators who understand Brooklynisms such as "not for nothin,'" "cawfee" and "whatayagonna do?" can earn as much as 210 dollars a day.

"We're looking for someone who loves the dialect and is able to understand someone who has the heaviest Brooklyn accent," the New York Daily News quoted Mick Thorburn, a spokesman for Today Translations, as saying.

Joanny D'Amico, who runs D'Amico's coffee shop near Degraw St., admitted that visitors have trouble understanding in the accent in the neighborhood.

She said: "We don't speak in full sentences. We kind of mush it all together." (ANI)

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