Tobacco product placements still prominent in teen films

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Washington, April 29(ANI): Tobacco imagery continues to feature in films rated suitable for kids and young teens, even though significant decline has been witnessed in cinematic presentation of smoking over the past 20 years, according to a new research.

The authors of the study, published in Thorax, insist that active product placement may still be taking place, particularly in UK films.

They analysed the occurrence of depictions of tobacco use, including brand appearances and smoking paraphernalia, for periods of at least five minutes (tobacco intervals) in the 15 most commercially successful films screened in the UK between 1989 and 2008.

Commercial success was defined as accounting for around 50 percent or more of each year's gross box office takings, while smoking paraphernalia included ashtrays, lighters, etc.

Between 1989 and 2008, the average occurrence of five minute tobacco intervals plummeted from 3.5 per hour to 0.6 for all films, a fall of 80 percent.

But imagery persisted in all age categories of films given a certificate by the British Board of Film Classification. This included those deemed suitable for children and young teens.

Two thirds of films classified for under 18s and over half (61 percent) classified for under 15s featured tobacco intervals. Between 2004 and 2008, of the films containing tobacco intervals, 92 percent were rated as suitable for those under 18.

Among the 15 most popular films, tobacco intervals occurred in seven out of 10 films, over half of which (56 percent) were classified as suitable for those under 15 and 92 percent for those under 18.

The film with the highest number of brand appearances was Pulp Fiction, which was classified for adults (18).

But brand appearances were nearly twice as likely to occur in films with UK involvement. UK producers were involved in one out of five films and were solely responsible for 3 percent between 1989 and 2008.

The authors wrote: "The specific repeated occurrence of some brands of cigarette in some films raises the possibility that product placement by tobacco companies is still occurring. It is apparent that children and young people watching films in the UK are still exposed to frequent and at times specifically branded tobacco imagery, particularly in films originating from the UK." (ANI)

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