Brit men think about footie Emile Heskey to make sex last longer!

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London, Apr 27 (ANI): Men think about English footballer Emile Heskey to make sex last longer, according to a British survey.

While other blokes run through a soccer team's squad - with Arsenal being a favourite - or picture the fictional anthropomorphic steam locomotive Thomas the Tank Engine - to make the steamy session a memorable one, reports The Sun.

Sexual health expert Dr Thom van Every said: "Distraction techniques may help men who are yet to learn better control.

"I'm very intrigued by the Emile technique - and I'm sorry for him because I don't know why men think of him specifically.

"I recommend to some patients repeating 'unique New York' over and over, quickly and accurately."

The health expert was commenting on a survey for

Heskey plays for Aston Villa as a striker. He has also played as a left winger. (ANI)

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