Manipur seminar initiates discourse on "Peace Dividend"

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Imphal, Apr 26 (ANI): For many decades, Manipur has been facing the brunt of militancy, the result - huge social and economic losses.

To discuss the situation in the state, intellectuals came together on a common platform under the banner of 'Peace Dividends'.

Almost everyday incidents of grenade attack, kidnapping and extortion by various militant groups are reported in Manipur.

Bringing peace and development to Manipur is an issue that concerns all.

The State Academy of Training recently organized a seminar called 'Peace Dividends', where intellectuals discussed ways to resolve conflicts.

"Basically, the discussion was peace in different angles like, how development can help, how governance can help, what role media can play etc. I think it touches very different issues in a very different manner and it approaches "Peace," said Pradip Phanjoubam, Editor, Imphal Free Press.

Militancy-led-violence has disrupted normal life in Manipur.

In 2009, there were 420 deaths. This included 68 civilians, 19 members of the security forces and police and 333 members of various underground groups including those who died in internecine clashes.

The funds, which would have been spent on development projects in Manipur, are used to maintain law and order and curb militancy.

"Actually we are trying to define how the development should be there and the money we are spending to control law and order situation, that money, if you actually spend on the issues like healthcare, education, development of infrastructure it would be better for the society, said P.K. Jha, IAS, MACS Director.

"If peace will be there, then this expenditure which we are having here for controlling of the emergency situation that will be good for the society," Jha added.

"It helps us to understand various aspects to bring peace in various parts of Manipur. Over a period, it has changed the way we think and mental blockage, which we face over a period of time," said Nidhi Kesarvani, Deputy Commissioner, Senapati District

Peace and development go hand in hand.

If peace is there in the region, automatically development will take place.

The seminar formulated some strategies for a 'Peaceful Manipur' and it is hoped that this effort will bear fruit. (ANI)

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