Intelligent, creative computers come closer to reality

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London, Apr 26 (ANI): Taking a leap towards intelligent and creative computers, researchers have now created a brain-like process of circuit evolution in an organic molecular layer that can solve complex problems.

The advance by the international research team from Japan and Michigan Technological University is the first time a brain-like "evolutionary circuit" has been realized.

This computer is massively parallel-the world's fastest supercomputers can only process bits one at a time in each of their channels. Their circuit allows instantaneous changes of 300 bits.

Their processor can produce solutions to problems for which algorithms on computers are unknown, like predictions of natural calamities and outbreaks of disease.

To prove this unique feature, the researchers have mimicked two natural phenomena in the molecular layer-heat diffusion and the evolution of cancer cells.

The monolayer has intelligence- it can solve many problems on the same grid.

Their molecular processor heals itself if there is a defect, reports Nature.

This remarkable self-healing property comes from the self-organizing ability of the molecular monolayer.

No existing man-made computer has this property, but our brain does: if a neuron dies, another neuron takes over its function.

The work is described in the Nature Physics paper. (ANI)

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