Bhatti conducts parody on IPL's ongoing controversy

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Chandigarh, April 24 (ANI): Popular satirist Jaspal Bhatti conducted a parody on the Indian Premier League's ongoing controversies here on Saturday and described the Indian Premier League (IPL) as Indian Paisa (money) Laundering.

Bhatti, in his inimitable style, highlighted the IPL and the controversy associated with it in a satirical form making the show an unforgettable event for all present on this occasion.

"Number one...the idea is that our country is a country of scams.

The only way to end one particular scam is to start another. Therefore, this is a good opportunity for us...the IPL...Indian Paisa (money) Laundering series is a very good opportunity. This is a new scam...people have opportunity to launder their black money. Therefore, we have prepared a satire for the entire situation," said Bhatti, while speaking to the media.

He added that he wanted to thank Lalit Modi (IPL Chief) to create opportunities for people to invest their black money in the teams.

Moreover, Bhatti had also got cheerleaders to add to his projection of the new IPL. He renamed the teams in his own creative style.

"We have amazing list with us which has just come. One is Kolkata Night Bribers. This night...this team assures that any time of night, they can go anywhere and bribe people...can do underhand deal for buying a team. Second team, which we have received application for, is Royal Money Changers, Bangalore. They can change any kind of money...from black to white...white to black. Then we have Delhi Fair Dealers. They say that we will do any unfair deal very fairly. Nothing will be hidden. Income tax people can come anytime and check. Then there is Chennai Super Links. They have very deep-rooted links...links up to ministers; underworld and film stars also are amongst their links. NO matter how strong the Income Tax team; the team cannot destroy their links," said Bhatti.

In lighter vein, Bhatti said that two to three teams from a state should be allowed so that more people with illegal money can invest, with one condition that each team should be associated with an underworld don, a politician or a film star. By Sunil Sharma (ANI)

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