Electricity man of Bahjoi, is a joy for townsmen

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Bahjoi (Uttar Pradesh), April 22 (ANI): With extended power cuts that may last up to as long as 22 hours in a day at times in Uttar Pradesh's Bahjoi city, an innovative electrician, driven by a sense of social service, has arranged electricity supply for a chain of some 300 CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lights) here.

Spending his small savings to buy new parts and reuse the old ones from his electricity shop, Omkar, popularly known as 'Bijili wale' and 'Phakkad Baba' here, makes invertors and connects them to main power supply.

Omkar Vaishnav, 45, says that he intends to ensure that the local residents do not suffer untoward incidents.

He tells that he felt motivated to develop such a power-supply system after witnessing an incident when some men harassed a girl waiting for a train. It made him think that if electricity is available in the streets, incidents of eve teasing or chain-snatching could be reduced.

He began the process of lighting up streets about eight years ago, as due to long hours of power cuts, the entire city, including the Bahjoi railway halt, was under complete darkness.

He opines his contribution towards lighting up the streets is nothing but a social service in its own way, as it saves residents from many problems.

"Now my chain of CFLs has extended to the local temple also. It is now 10 km long and the girls can move freely. Earlier, it was very difficult for them to go to the temple. There is an area where girls go to get coaching; I have provided electricity there as well. Also it is dark at six in the morning during winter and rainy season, so it saves locals from many problems," says Vaishnav.

The local residents also admire Omkar's effort in lighting up the streets.

"He has not asked anyone for help. He arranged all of it by himself. What praise can I give? There are no words to praise him. All I can say is that he has saved locals from many problems," said Ramveer, a local resident. By Vaibhav Porov(ANI)

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