Passports lost by British High Commission could be used by 'Indians' against Pak: Lawyers

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London, Apr.20 (ANI): Expressing concern over hundreds of Pakistani passports which were lost by the British High Commission a few months ago, the association of Pakistani lawyers (APL) has asked British Prime Minister Gordon Brown to address the issue, saying there are fears that the passports can be used by Indians against Pakistan.

The commission, in its letter to Brown, requested him to initiate an enquiry into the issue, so that the travel documents are not used by 'third parties having Indian links'.

The letter said that considering the thorny Indo-Pak relations it has become more important to locate the lost documents.

APL chairman Amjad Malik, through the letter, also raised questions over the British Government's decision to rope in private agencies in visa processing.

"It further created risks of losing identity documents as documents were being collected by A, passports were with B, and decision was being made by C, which was not only disproportionate but unreasonable and procedurally flawed," The Nation quoted Malik, as saying.

Apprehensions are that misplacing the passports could cost the British High Commission dearly, as these passports could land in Al-Qaeda's hands which could use them for terror attacks across the world.

"If terrorists get hold of these passports, they can alter them with the help of human-trafficking mafia and move freely to various countries, especially the US and UK, to carry out terror activities," observers said.

According to intelligence sources, the lost passports had multiple visas of various western countries that can be tampered with easily by the militants. (ANI)

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