Brit woman starts speaking Chinese after migraine attack!

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London, April 20 (ANI): A British woman left doctors confused when she started conversing in Chinese after a migraine attack.

A resident of Plymouth, 35-year-old Sarah Colwill was shocked to see her Devon accent change into Chinese, reports The Daily Express.

Colwill is suffering with a rare kind of sporadic hemiplegic migraines, which cause the blood vessels in her brain to expand.

"I knew I sounded different but didn't know how much. The ambulance crew said I sounded Chinese. I have never even been to China. At first it was quite funny but my voice is annoying me now," she said.

An IT project coordinator, Colwill with the help of the internet, figured out that her migraine attacks may have sparked off the Foreign Accent Syndrome. It is an extremely rare phenomenon that happens after a stroke or a head injury.

Oxford University professor John Coleman has said that Colwill's state is 'extremely diverse.'

"I don't know what it is going to turn into. It's going to be quite different and people are going to react a bit strangely to it," Colwill reacted on her accent going for a change. (ANI)

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