Brit girl risks Dubai jail by telling cops she was raped after boozy night out

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London, April 19 (ANI): A British girl is said to have risked being jailed in Dubai by telling cops that she was raped after a boozy night out.

The 24-year-old trading company executive, who has been identified only as Lucy, said that the 30-year-old Arab man insisted on giving her a lift home after a night out drinking with pals at the Dubai Marina.

And then he allegedly drove her to the remote area and attacked her, before taking her back to her flat and raping her again on her bed.

The accused man told police that she agreed to sleep with him, and now if her account of what happened is not believed, she could face prison for drinking and having sex outside marriage in the strict Muslim state.

"She told police she screamed and cried out begging him to stop during both attacks which were entirely against her will," the Sun quoted a Dubai court source as saying.

"She went straight to the nearest police station and reported the sex attack at 3.20am the same day," the source said. ops were immediately able to find the alleged attacker, named only as Saif, as the woman had saved his mobile number when they were introduced earlier in the night.

"The case will be heard in full before a judge who will decide who is telling the truth, but the girl may face difficulties if her story is not believed," the source revealed.

"She is still regarded as the victim at this stage, though she has already admitted being drunk, which is itself an offence in Dubai.

"And if the court finds in the man's favour, she could face a charge of having unlawful sex as well which might land her in jail for a year followed by deportation," the source added.

The alleged rape in January is the latest to spark anxiety among ex-pats in Dubai.

A date for the rape trial will be set later this year. (ANI)

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