'Osama is a voracious reader'

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Washington, Apr 18: Al Qaeda Chief Osama bin Laden, besides being pasionate about volleyball and football, is said to be voracious leader, who loves to quote from the memoirs of two top World War II strategists a new book has claimed.

The book, titled 'In the Shadow of Bin Laden', noted Osama as graceful volleyball whose height was an added asset in the court.

"He's so tall that he doesn't need to jump up to do a smash," Britain's The Sunday Times quoted author Nasser al-Bahri, one of the Al Qaeda leader's former bodyguards, as saying.

According to the book, the world's most wanted terrorist enjoyed playing football and preferred to play at centre forward, but he never removed his turban.

He is also passionate about racehorses, the book claimed.

Osama is a voracious reader, who takes delight in quoting from memoirs of Britain's Field Marshal Bernard Montgomery, one of the most inspirational military commanders of the Second World War, and former French President General Charles de Gaulle, the 38-year-old bodyguard says.

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