Workplace smoking can cost you your job

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Melbourne, Apr 17 (ANI): If you really love your job, then quit smoking, for some employers Down Under are cracking down on "ciggie breaks" and others opting to hire only non-smokers.

According to research, smoking costs businesses nearly 800 million dollars in absenteeism each year, reports the Couriermail.

"There's a developing trend amongst some employers to hire a non-smoker over a smoker, if possible, because of a perception that a non-smoker is a more productive employee," says workplace relations and safety lawyer Brad Petley.

Research shows smokers are 1.4 times more likely to be absent from work than non-smokers, says Cancer Council Queensland tobacco programs team leader Emma Dalglish.

Petley, principal of Acumen Lawyers, says: "Unfortunately at many workplaces, smoke breaks can turn into an unproductive social get-together where groups of employees take pre-arranged smoke breaks, favourite coffee mug in hand, and usually get involved in a gossip fest about the latest workplace goings-on.

"Many non-smoking employees are likely to say: 'Why should I work hard when the smokers can walk outside for a break any time they want?'." (ANI)

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