Haggis flavoured chocolates give Scotland's national dish the sweet treatment

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London, Apr 12 (ANI): One can now experience the flavour of Scotland's national dish, haggis, in a chocolate, thanks to Nadia Ellingham, who has launched the world's first haggis chocolates.

Ellingham, an artisan chocolate maker from Edinburgh, originally created the chocolates for a Burns supper.

And the chocolate proved so popular among guests that she has now started selling them commercially.

"Most people screw their faces up or look a bit horrified when I tell them I make haggis chocolates, but once I explain how I make them they understand that it does actually make sense," the Scotsman quoted Ellingham as saying.

While Ellingham does not use actual haggis in the chocolate truffles, instead she blends spices including nutmeg, mace and black pepper, as well as oatmeal, in order to recreate the distinctive flavour of haggis.

Ellingham, 43, has also made a number of other unusual-tasting chocolates for her company, Thinking Chocolate, including sundried tomato and basil, cranberry and chestnut, and thyme and orange truffles.

And right now, she, in collaboration with the Scottish Malt Whisky Society, is creating a box of chocolates that tells the story of what goes into a single cask malt whisky - with each chocolate representing a different stage of the process. (ANI)

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