Video game addict smashes Asteroids hi-score!

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London, April 8 (ANI): The long-standing world record in the game Asteroids has been smashed.

Back in 1982, Scott Safran scored 41,336,440 points in Asteroids, and his record stood until John McAllister scored 41,338,740 points on the arcade version of the game.

It took McAllister 58 bleary-eyed hours to beat the high score.

He went without sleep during his game, which could not be paused, and racked up enough extra lives to dash to the toilet without getting game over.

"The Asteroids high score record is considered a holy grail. It's a title that a lot of people would want, and I wanted it," the Sun quoted him as saying.

His score needs to be verified by official referees before he is entered into the record books.

The hardcore geek's marathon gaming session was even broadcast live over the Internet from his pal's basement in Portland, Oregon, USA. (ANI)

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