Karzai's remarks are completely unacceptable to Canada, says Harper

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Ottawa (Canada), Apr 8(ANI): Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper has rebuked Afghan President Hamid Karzai for his recent outburst against the West, and suggestions of joining the Taliban.

"We have men and women who are over there putting their lives on the line to help the population in its struggle against the Taliban," The Globe and Mail quoted Harper, as saying.

"These remarks are not helpful and in the context of the dangerous work our people are doing, they are completely unacceptable to Canada and, I'm sure, the same is true for all of our allies," he added.

Harper's comments signals a lack of confidence of the Canadian Government in Karzai, but they also reflect the Prime Minister's longer-standing skepticism about Canada's prospects of making an impact on the process of the war-torn country's development.

Karzai's comments against the West about fraud in his country's presidential election have caused dismay in Canada and the United States, where the White House called it "troubling".

According to reports, Karzai twice threatened to quit and join the Taliban, apparently out of frustration at Western pressure. His comments have been seen by many as an attempt to dispel perceptions that he is a puppet of the West.

The Canadian Government knows it has no choice, but to deal with Karzai. However, at the same time, Canada is becoming one of his most vocal critics and the Afghan President's blasts at his allies are cutting away any chance of changing the mind of a skeptical Prime Minister before next year's withdrawal. (ANI)

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