Jesus appears on discarded piece of chewing gum!

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London, April 06 (ANI): A Devon family claims to have seen Jesus in a discarded chewing gum.

Nelly Noden, a mother of two, said that she was chewing her gum on Good Friday and left it on mantelpiece to chew it later after eating crisps.

But when she picked it up later to chew it again she found an image of Christ on it.

"The second I put my eye on it, I could see him", she said.

"I'd just got back from going the shops to buy a few things to eat when, as usual, I put my gum on the mantelpiece to have some crisps.

"I went to pick it up again and Jesus was just there, starring at me. We couldn't believe it especially as it was Good Friday", she added.

Nelly's 16-year-old daughter Charni said: "We can't believe how much it looks like Jesus; we've been telling everyone about it."

The family has kept the gum as a piece of memento.

"It was a real moment," The Telegraph quoted Nelly as saying. (ANI)

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