Chubby kids 'at increased heart disease, diabetes risk later in life'

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New York, Apr 6 (ANI): Chronic disorders like heart disease and diabetes may germinate much earlier in life than was previously believed, according to researchers.

As per the study reported on, fat toddlers may have an increased chance of developing the disorders, reports The New York Daily News.

The site reports that the markers for cardiovascular disease have been noted in kids as young as three, and kids as young as seven already have the warning signs of Type 2 diabetes.

It is believed that an increase in the number of overweight youngsters and a decrease in their level of exercise may be the reasons behind the chronic diseases showing up in kids.

"I think parents should be not so much worried as motivated," Dr. Eliana Perrin, co-author of a new study in "Pediatrics," said, according to

"Catching something early gives us as parents and pediatricians an opportunity to prevent problems down the road. Parents have a huge role in helping children make healthier choices in what they eat and how often they play."

To reach the conclusion, experts focused on 16,000 kids from age 1 to 17. (ANI)

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