Multiple sclerosis sufferer regains mobility - thanks to bee stings

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London, April 5 (ANI): Sami Chugg had been suffering from multiple sclerosis before she beat the disease with nearly 1,500 bee stings over 18 months.

Chugg, 45, was diagnosed with the debilitating condition, which affects the ability of the body's nerve cells to communicate, in 1998.

Soon she could not longer move around and was permanently bed-ridden.

However, this charity worker from Bristol is now back on her feet, thanks to bee venom therapy.

The treatment involves holding a bee in tweezers and stinging an area of skin. According to experts, the venom eases the pain of MS symptoms while stimulating the body to fight the disease.

Chugg says the treatment restored her mobility.

"Most people would be terrified by the prospect of being stung by a bee," the Daily Express quoted her, as saying.

She went on: "But when you have a condition like MS that involves the numbing of the body, any kind of sensation is welcome - even if it's from a bee sting.

"You use a pair of tweezers and get hold of a single bee. Then you gradually desensitise your body to the sting by injecting it in and out of your skin a few times.

"You have to build it up slowly - you start with two, then four, then six.

"Ten to 14 was my average for each session. It has a kind of psychological, mental effect."

Chugg added: "I used to feel elated after the treatment. It's changed my life and my approach to life. It's manna from heaven." (ANI)

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