Now, device to help tennis players serve an ace

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London, April 4 (ANI): Scientists in Australia have come up with a new device that could help tennis players serve an ace.

The researchers say that players can improve their title chances, by using motion sensors that can help identify the nuances in arm, shoulder and wrist motion that make the difference between an ace and a fault.

Amin Ahmadi and colleagues at Griffith University in Brisbane have developed the cheap, wearable system, which gives instant feedback on a court-side laptop.

Three matchbox-sized gyroscopic sensors are taped to the chest, upper arm and hand of the tennis player, which measure shoulder rotation, arm angular velocity and wrist bending respectively - the things that govern serve success.

The team tested the system on four players, including one pro. The gyro information from all the players was compiled and then analysed by computer software to identify the components of a successful serve.

"Our software then suggests how players can improve their skills," New Scientist quoted Ahmadi as telling. (ANI)

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