Ahmedabad engineer designs personal gadgets to control temperature

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Ahmedabad, Apr 3 (ANI): Dhama Innovations, a firm founded by Kranti Vistakula, an engineer from Ahmedabad, designed and manufactured an indigenous self temperature controlling mode which could be linked to scarves, helmets, apparels, and even neckties and shoes.

A graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) from Boston, USA, Vistakula, roped in students from Ahmedabad-based National Institute of Design (NID) and the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) to design apparels and relevant gadgets based on the Peltier effect.

His inspiration came from utter frustration during his days in Boston, where he had to wear at least five layers of clothing while outdoors and then get rid of them once inside the heated rooms.

"The innovation came from my personal pain when I was studying at MIT, Boston. In Boston, it used to get pretty cold. In winters it used to go to -20 degrees to -10 degrees. So I had to put on multiple layers of clothing. But as soon as we entered the buildings, the temperature in the building used to be 24 degrees to 25 degrees heated up, which meant I had to take off all my multiple layers of clothing. Then I thought why can't people make clothes which have both in built cooling capabilities," said Vistakula.

His products named ClimaGear, ClimaNeck and ClimaMet keep the user comfortable depending on one's need.

The gadgets weigh the least and are fashionable as well as easy to use. The batteries used in the apparel are the ones used in laptops and mobile phones and thus are harmless. As for the pricing, the jackets for the military use will be priced at around rupees 40,000 since the combatants will be either in the sub-zero temperatures at high altitudes or under the sweltering sun in the deserts.

The gadgets for the footwear will be in the range of rupees 5000 to 6000.

Commenting on these innovative gadgets, Julianne Gauron, an industrial designer mentioned that these would be of great help in extreme climatic conditions.

"Heat and cold is a big problem all around the world in any climate. In America we mostly struggle with being cold. So Dhama's apparel will help us out with being cold. Now that I am in India for my first time, I am finding that Dhama's apparel would be very helpful for the hot weather. So it is for all seasons. If is too hot, its good...if its too cold then also its good. It a very exciting innovation," said Gauron.

The innovation is expected to create a revolution in the Indian apparel market. (ANI)

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