43-stone hamburglar escapes jail term - because he's too fat!

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London, April 2 (ANI): A man convicted of scamming restaurants out of food has escaped a jail term - because he is too fat.

Morbidly obese George Jolicur ordered huge meals and ate most of them before complaining about the products and sending them back.

The 38-year-old regularly downed milkshakes then refused to pay, claiming the milk was off.

The 43-stone scam artist once had almost 30 pounds worth of beef in a restaurant before returning the last few pieces, claiming they were mouldy.

Jolicur, of Sandford, in Florida, avoided jail because he is now bedridden and too fat to be hauled to court.

Instead he was let off with an 800-pound fine.

"He's got his prison cell. He's not getting out of that bed," the Mirror quoted Prosecutor Kyan Ware as saying. (ANI)

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