'Osama a lost man, a fanatical father, chasing his fantasy of becoming latter-day prophet'

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London, Mar.31 (ANI): The world's most wanted man and Al-Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden's favourite son, Omar, has described his father as a 'lost' man and a 'fanatical father'.

Omar, the fourth among Osama's 11 sons, was the Al-Qaeda chieftain's favourite as he had been chosen his father's successor, and meant to lead the terror outfit and carry on 'jihad' across the world.

In his book 'In Growing Up bin Laden', which Omar co-authored with his mother, Najwa, and an American writer named Jean Sasson, Omar describes in detail about the days he spent with Osama before shunning his violent path.

Omar described his father as a man who would fight until death for what he had dreamt of.

"My father is a strong personality. Nobody can stop him from getting his dream. Either he gets what he wants, or he dies.Thank God my father doesn't run the world," The Telegraph quoted Omar, as saying.

"He is neither a jihadist nor a mass murderer - he is a lost man, a fanatical father who withheld his love, beat and betrayed his children, and destroyed his family chasing his fantasy of becoming a latter-day prophet," he said.

Despite a disliking for his father's ideology, Omar said he would continue to love Osama and does not want him to be caught alive.

"I love him because he is my father. I don't want him to be caught and put on trial. It would break my heart. I wish he could die before someone gets him. I don't want to see my father under the rule of somebody else," he said.

"My father is my father, to this day, and until I die. I came from his body. I am part of him," Omar added.

When asked how he feels when he sees his father on the television or hears about him releasing a new audio tape, Omar said : " I get worried. For me, for my father, for the world."

Omar, who is finding it hard to find a house for himself and his mother, Najwa, Osama's first wife, also rued the fact that Osama's name would remain with him till the very last.

"It is impossible for me to live a normal life. I tried hard for years. In Islam, what is happening to me is not allowed - the sins of the father going to the son. I am like Tom Cruise in the movie The Last Samurai. He turned around to fight his own people. This is like me," Omar said. (ANI)

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