Kashmiri girls take up taekwondo for self-defence

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Srinagar, Mar 30 (ANI): Women in the Kashmir region are learning martial arts for self-defence and also to stay physically fit.

At a training centre conducted by Syed Shujat in Srinagar, nearly 100 girls from different schools are actively learning taekwondo.

The taekwondo trainees feel that the martial art would help them build their stamina and enhance their abilities to defend themselves.

"It's important because it helps us in our protection. It builds our stamina and in many other aspects. If we see, it has a bright future. Doing MBBS, engineering is not enough, sports also plays a vital role in our day-to-day life. Yes, I would say in Kashmir it's very important. We just think what is the use of these games... but no! It is very important," said Saima Qayoom, a taekwondo trainee.

Initially, most conservative Kashmiri families were reluctant to let their girls participate in a sporting activity on account of it appearing manly.

However, on realising the assets of this martial art, they relented and permitted their daughters to train in the art.

Syed Shujat, who imparts training in taekwondo, feels that the sport would gain more popularity if more girls would take to it.

"Girls of our state should learn taekwondo as it will help them in their future. Some girls come to us to get their taekwondo certificates, which will help them during admission in universities. But I want them to come without any such reasons and learn it so that the sport gains popularity," said Shujat. (ANI)

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