German brewery wins right to market 'F**king' beer!

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London, Mar 30 (ANI): A German firm has been granted the right to market a beer named after the Austrian village of F**king.

The brand 'F**king Hell beer' was initially rejected by the European Patent Office, citing the swear word.

However, the brewery proved that a village called F**king actually existed, and won the right to market the brand, reports The Sun.

Brewery spokesman Stefan Fellenberg said: "In German the word for a lager beer is a Helles Beer, so we have also patented the name F**king Hell, which means lager from F**king of course.

"I don't understand why the patents office think of something else. They must have dirty minds."

Stefan added that if F**king Hell beer was a success they planned to open similar small breweries in the neighbouring German towns of Kissing, Petting, W**k and Piss.

The village of F**king, to the north of Salzburg, is close to the German border.

The name is believed to come from a sixth century noble called Lord Focko, with 'ing' being old German for 'family of'. The German pronunciation is different from the English.

Mayor Meindl added: "I am looking forward to getting the first-crate. Until then I'm reserving judgement. But maybe it could be good for local industry."

Last year Mayor Meindl said: "It is just the usual spelling of the word. I'm sure I could find many town names in Britain or somewhere else which sound funny when pronounced in German.

"There is nothing funny in the name to us. If other people laugh about it, there is nothing we can do.

"But we pronounce it differently in our dialect and it was never funny in any way." (ANI)

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