Brits neither want Brown nor Tories

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London, Mar.30 (ANI): Almost one in four Labour supporters believe electing Gordon Brown as Prime Minister for another term would be "unthinkable".

However, 51 per cent say they personally feel no enthusiasm for the Conservative Party, according to an opinion poll for The Independent.

Forty-four per cent disagree with this statement, while 42 percent disagree with the comment on Conservatives.

Remarkably, a quarter (24 per cent) of those people who intend to vote Tory say they have no enthusiasm for the party.

The ComRes survey suggests the mood of the nation is one of "a plague on both your houses" as Labour and the Tories struggle to inspire voters ahead of a general election expected on 6 May.

According to the poll, the Tories have halted a recent slip in their fortunes and now enjoy a seven-point lead, up two points on last month.

They are on 37 per cent (no change), Labour on 30 per cent (down two points), the Liberal Democrats on 20 per cent (up one point) and other parties on 13 per cent (up one).

The result is a blow to the Tories, who are also unlikely to have been boosted by the performance of George Osborne during Channel 4's Chancellors debate last night.

If the figures from the ComRes poll were repeated at an election, it would result in a hung parliament in which David Cameron would be 31 seats short of an overall majority. The Tories would have 295 MPs, Labour 266, the Liberal Democrats 57 and other parties 14.

The Tories are 11 points ahead of Labour in the top AB social group but Mr Brown's party enjoys the same advantage in the bottom DE group after winning back some traditional Labour supporters since the turn of the year. (ANI)

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