A third of all Brit men have cheated on their partners

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London, March 28 (ANI): A new survey has found that a third of all men have had affairs, and a quarter of women have been mistresses in Britain.

The News of the World poll found that one in five married men don't consider monogamy to be realistic, compared to one in eight women.

Also, 20 per cent of the men said they believed sex with a prostitute wasn't cheating.

Relationship psychologist Susan Quilliam, said: "Men see prostitution as no more than a financial transaction. To them it's a service without any emotional connection. They can keep the feelings they have for their wife or partner separate."

Seventy-five percent of the people said that boredom was the main factor for cheating, while 60 per cent insisted it made them feel more attractive.

Quilliam claims infidelity is on the rise because it has become easier to find people with similar needs on social networking sites.

The poll supported her claim with 13 per cent of men aged 25-29 finding their mistress on Facebook.

She said: "Infidelity is definitely on the rise. These days, we all have increased, often unrealistic, expectations of what a relationship should be like. We want a Hollywood-style romance with a perfect partner and life-long excitement.

"When our relationship becomes mundane, or a partner starts showing their age, we feel we have the right to look elsewhere.

"Traditionally, affairs were more organic. You might develop a friendship with someone you see regularly, like a colleague or friend's partner, and that might turn into a relationship. Now, you decide you're bored and want to have an affair first, then select someone to have it with."

The survey findings are:

1 in 3 men have had affairs

A quarter of women have had sex with married men

1 in 5 married me don't consider monogamy realistic

1 in 3 women who cheat do so with a colleague

20 percent of men don't think sex with a prostitute is cheating

75 percent of people cheat because of boredom

13 percent of men found their mistresses on Facebook

60 percent of people cheat to feel more attractive

14 percent of women aged 18 - 24 have fallen pregnant during an affair

25 percent of women admitted to being a mistress

7 percent of married men are cheating right now (ANI)

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