Palaeontology enthusiast Sathya boasts of priceless possessions

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Coimbatore (Tamil Nadu), Mar 27 (ANI): Coimbatore palaeontology enthusiast Arun Sathya owns a rare collection of fossils.

Forty-five year old Sathya's mega collection includes rocks, mineral, gems and fossils. His prized and priceless possessions range from 65 to 350 million years.

He has a large collection of 190 million-years-old Amethyst geode and Ammonite, 144 million years old wood fossils as well as Gryphaea and 190 million years old chambered nautilus.

Among the stones, Sathya possesses geodes, ammonites, translucent pebbles and glittering crystals.

This fossil collector says that though he started gathering the fossils for his personal interest, he would like to establish a museum to showcase his precious collection.

"I started for my personal collection just to satisfy my personal interest. I would like to establish a museum that is my dream, I'll do it" noted Arun Sathya.

He also has an iron nickel meteorite believed to be nearly 4.2 billion years old and reportedly it was found at Texas in 1922. (ANI)

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