British couples' irritating bedtime habits revealed

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London, Mar 27 (ANI): A new survey has revealed British couples' irritating bedtime habits.

The biggest cause of complaint was the "tuck and roll", where a person holds on to the edge of the duvet and rolls away from the other, leaving them in the cold, reports The Telegraph.

The "midnight shuffle", where one sleeper moves away from the other and is slowly followed across the bed by their partner, followed "tuck and roll" in the survey of 1,000.

Other irritating problems are grinding teeth, snoring, talking nd fidgeting,

Jessica Alexander, from The Sleep Council, said: "Research shows that one in 10 couples currently have separate beds.

"However, one out of five would love to have their own bed if only their partner would suggest it.

"A really big bed and separate bedding might solve some of the problems, but if sleeping habits are desperately different, then separate beds or bedrooms is the only answer.

"You can still have all the cuddles and intimate moments before retiring to get a good night's sleep."

The top 10 bedroom complaints:

Tuck and Roll - 42 per cent

Midnight Shuffle - 19 per cent

Snoring - 9 per cent

Teeth grinding - 7 per cent

Kicking and fidgeting - 6 per cent

Talking - 5 per cent

Drooling - 4 per cent

Twitching - 4 per cent

Sleep walking - 3 per cent

Flatulence - 1 per cent (ANI)

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