Britons abandon "stiff upper lip" for open passion

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London, Mar 26 (ANI): A survey has found that Britons are abandoning their traditional reserve and are going all out in expressing themselves publicly in a more passionate way.

The research revealed they no longer find it embarrassing to show affection or even shed a tear in public, with the Continental greeting of a kiss on each cheek becoming popular with seven out of 10 people questioned.

Six out of 10 admitted to weeping in public, even if it's only under cover of a darkened cinema, while eight out of 10 have blubbed in front of family and friends.

Surprisingly, the most emotional group were the over-60s, with almost a third welling up whenever the national anthem is played.

A quarter said they become misty-eyed when a British athlete wins a medal. One in 10 confessed to embracing a total stranger when supporting their favourite sports team. Half said they would throw their arms in the air to show excitement and a third would jump up and down.

Its all a far cry from the restraint expected when Deborah, Duchess of Devonshire, was young.

The Duchess, now nearly 90, told Tatler magazine that sentiment used to be frowned on.

"It was all rather skated over," the Daily Express quoted her as telling the mag.

"It wasn't the thing to keep belly-aching," she added.

But TV star Cheryl Cole clearly supports the current trend with her teary-eyed performances on the X Factor.

"The British stiff upper lip is finally wobbling as more and more Brits wear their hearts on their sleeves," Richard Hayes, of bakers Warburtons, which commissioned the survey, stated. (ANI)

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