US snubs Pak over India like nuclear deal, offers 125 mln dollars for power sector

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Washington, Mar.25 (ANI): Snubbing Pakistan over its demand for a India like civil nuclear deal, the United States has offered Islamabad 125 million dollars to develop its power sector in order to address the issue of severe electricity crisis in the country.

Pakistan's wish of having a civil nuclear deal and unmanned Predator drones were ignored by US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who described the strategic dialogue between both countries as a 'new day'.

Addressing a joint press conference with Pakistan Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi after the first ministerial-level strategic dialogue between the two countries, Clinton pointed out that there have been misunderstandings between both states in the past and that they were likely to continue in future also, but the latest talks should be seen as a positive beginning.

"The two nations have had ... misunderstandings ... and there are sure to be more disagreements in the future as there are between any friends or, frankly, any family members. But this is a new day," The Daily Times quoted Clinton, as said.

Referring to Islamabad's continuous demands for more military assistance, she stressed that cooperation must be more than just military hardware assistance and it should also include methods to improve the lives of the Pakistani people.

Commenting on Pakistan's request to Washington to mediate in Indo-Pak talks, Clinton said the US supported dialogue between both neighbouring nations but clarified that her country would not play the role of an 'interlocutor.'

"The issues that are part of that dialogue need to be addressed and resolution of them between the two countries would certainly be in everyone's best interest," Clinton said without mentioning Kashmir.

"We can't dictate Pakistani foreign policy or Indian foreign policy. But we can encourage ... in-depth discussion between both countries," she added.

Speaking during the press conference, Qureshi said Pakistan is seeking "non-discriminatory" access to energy resources as well as a "constructive" role by the US on its dispute with India over Kashmir.

He said Islamabad remains committed to fighting extremism as "a strategic and moral imperative".

Qureshi also highlighted that the mood in the US regarding Pakistan's commitment to root out militancy from its soil has changed over the period of time and that the Obama Administration is no longer suspicious of Islamabad.

"There were no more question marks, there was no suspicion, there was no 'do more' ... there was appreciation for what we had already done," Qureshi said. (ANI)

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