Cyber criminals targeting World Cup fans: Internet security firm

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London, Mar 23(ANI): An Internet security firm has revealed that football fans across the world are being targeted by cyber criminals in the run-up to the World Cup, which gets under way in South Africa on June 11, with a wave of spam e-mails, fake offers and attempts to steal banking details.

Internet analysts with Symantec, a security software company, have claimed to have intercepted millions of phishing e-mails and uncovered hundreds of fake websites aimed at fans, who are eager to get tickets for the games or to watch them online.

They have discovered an illicit network of thousands of computers hijacked by cyber criminals to send out spam e-mails, which concentrate only on the World Cup.

The fake messages intercepted claims to provide discounted flights rates, cheap hotel accommodation and VIP membership card offering outlandish benefits.

Symantec further urged fans to avoid clicking on suspicious links, and said: "Never fill out forms in messages that ask for personal or financial information or passwords. A reputable charitable organization is unlikely to ask for your personal details via email."

"When in doubt, contact the organization in question through an independent, trusted mechanism, such as a verified telephone number, or a known internet address that you type into a new browser window. Do not click or cut and paste from a link in the message," The Times quoted Symantec, as saying in a statement.

Although the majority of the mails are never opened, enough people click on the links to make phishing attacks a multi-million pound industry. (ANI)

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