Aussie men avoid eye check ups because of vanity!

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Melbourne, March 23 (ANI): A lot of Aussie men avoid getting eye check up done because they fear they'll be asked to wear glasses.

The survey, conducted by Specsaver, found 13 percent of men did not go to optometrist due to it.

Also, one in 10 of the 609 men surveyed by Newspoll admitted they'd never been to an optometrist.

"Men tend to take a 'she'll be right mate' attitude towards their health and wait until they are really sick before they seek medical intervention," quoted company director and optometrist, Dr Harrison Wiesinger, as saying.

He added: "Men say they aren't having their eyes tested because they don't have any problems seeing things but this has worrying implications when it comes to eye care.

"Many of the more serious eye conditions have very few obvious symptoms.

"By the time you notice you have a problem with your vision, you may have already suffered irreversible damage."

Wiesinger emphasized eye tests also helped in identifying other health problems, such as high blood pressure and tumours.

He said: "So by avoiding regular eye tests, men are also depriving themselves of the opportunity to receive early intervention that could not only save their sight, it could even save their life."

The survey noted that tradesmen and men who work outdoors were the most reckless.

A total of 47 per cent said they haven't had the recommended biannual eye check in the past two years. (ANI)

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