Oz woman texts friend to feast on lover's body

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Melbourne, Mar 22: An Australian woman who fatally stabbed his boyfriend planned on eating his dead body as it appeared delicious.

Tamie Melehan sent a text message to another man asking him whether he would like to join her in eating the "delicate meat" because "I think he tastes good", a court was told.

The victim, David Vaughan was brutally stabbed 16 times on his neck, six on his chest and four on his abdomen during the knife attack by his girlfriend of three months at her apartment on Dec 25, 2008.

While Melehan confessed to killing her boyfriend, she pleaded not guilty to murder on the ground of mental illness in the NSW Supreme Court, news agency reported.

The court informed that 29-year-old Melehan, had a history of mental illnes and was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia in 2002.

Prosecutor Michael O'Brien said that the accused invited another man through a text message to come and join her in eating her boyfriend's 'delicate meat'.

"Oi, can I eat this fella?" she said.

"I think he tastes good ... there's enough to go around if you want to join in - no joke, delicate meat ...

"Dear me, need help to get rid of the body," she text.

She then called her mother and asked to save him before she slits his throat.

"Can you come over and get him before I slit his throat?"

When Melehan's mother, Loretta Watts reached her daughter's apartment, she found Vaughan dead on the floor of the shower with blood pouring out of a slash wound in his neck.

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