New MI5 book to reveal exploits of real-life James Bonds, Russian spies'

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London, Mar 22(ANI): A new book by MI5, the UK's counter-intelligence and security agency, will reveal how they dealt with Russian spies during the cold war, and details exploits of some real-life James Bonds.

The book will be published on the base of a 59-page booklet, "Their Trade Is Treachery", drafted by MI5 in 1963.

It was drawn a year after the Profumo affair, which had engulfed then Prime Minister Harold Macmillan into a scandal, and warns spies about how they could avoid the Soviet Union spies.

Harry Chapman Pincher, a 95 year-old veteran journalist, who had obtained a copy of a booklet, said: "Around 1963, MI5 decided they had to try to warn all the people who might come into contact with Russians what they were up to in the way of trying to recruit them." There was money and sexual blackmail. They would set them up in a room with cameras. The booklet was deadly serious and was a decision taken as a result of so many disasters," The Telegraph quoted Pincher, as having told the Daily Mail.

The chapters in the booklet, included "How to foil a spy", "How to become a spy (in six easy lessons)" and "How not to become a spy (in six not-so-easy lessons)". (ANI)

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