Austrian daredevil plans record-breaking fall to Earth from balloon on edge of space!

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Melbourne, March 22 (ANI): Austrian daredevil Felix Baumgartner is preparing for a record breaking fall from a hot air balloon on the edge of space to earth.

The 40-year-old thrill seeker, a.k.a 'Fearless Felix' will make the jump from 36 kilometres up in the air, dropping faster and further than any parachutist before.

"When I jump, I'll be going on a journey that no one has ever done. But you absolutely can't let fear take a hold of you," quoted him as saying.

A former member of Austria's special forces, Baumgartner has taken a leap from some of the world's highest buildings.

Kuala Lumpur's Petronas Towers and the statue of Christ in Rio de Janeiro are some of Baumgartner conquests.

However, he has refused to reveal the date of his next stunt.

He said it is "the biggest goal I can dream of".

With the backing of red Bull, a team of engineers, including former NASA scientists, is building a balloon and pressurised capsule to carry him into the stratosphere.

Baumgartner said:" It's a challenge. But it's not my style to embark upon a project unless I'm 100 per cent confident that I can achieve my goal."

However, the effect on the human body of passing through the sound barrier is unknown. (ANI)

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