School principal slaps ban on kids receiving sweets for good behaviour!

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London, March 21 (ANI): A primary school head mistress in Scotland has come under fire for stopping teachers from rewarding children with sweets for good behavior.

The head of Arduthie Primary School in Stonehaven, Gail Macfarlane, recently announced that no student would be invited to have fruit juice and a biscuit at "Pupil of the Week" meetings with staff.

Also, she has imposed a ban on birthday cakes and sweet treats being distributed in class.

However, parents have launched an online protest against the restrictions imposed by school's head, Gail Macfarlane.

"I am really angry about this nanny state mentality. The government is wrong if it thinks excluding everything makes a 'healthy' diet," the Scotsman quoted a parent, Julie Irvine, as saying on her Facebook page.

She added: "This is more likely to encourage a whole range of eating disorders. Kids know what is a treat, and it ain't dried fruit, etc."

Macfarlane forwarded a letter to parents explaining that the policy change was made after a minority of parents at the school had complained about the existing rules.

She said: "To date, parents have always indicated that they were satisfied with the existing situation as reinforced in our recent questionnaire to parents - 94 per cent were in favour of keeping a sweet as one of the treat options in the Behaviour Management Programme.

"However, a very small minority professed dissatisfaction and disagreed with the majority verdict, and concerns have been raised with the elected representative on Aberdeenshire Council. This has dictated a review and revision of our current practice."

However, a spokeswoman for Aberdeenshire Council said: "The guidance issued by Arduthie school only applies to Arduthie school. The council will be issuing guidance to all schools regarding the national legislation in the future."

Meanwhile, local councilor Wendy Agnew and the Campaign Against Political Correctness joined the parents in the protest.

Agnew said: "It's crazy. I'm a great believer that children should enjoy school, and what's wrong with giving them a sweet as a treat?

"We all want children to be healthy, but I don't think a sweet or two is going to make their teeth fall out." (ANI)

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