Mumbai Police's 'Spiderman' scales 15-storey building for Mount Everest expeditioner

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Mumbai, Mar 21 (ANI): In a bid to raise funds to help a teenaged girl selected for the Mount Everest expedition, a martial arts trainee of Mumbai Police climbed 15 storey building here on Sunday.

Gaurav Sharma climbed the building without any safety measures to help an 18-year-old climber Bhagyashree Sawant, a 18 year old who has been selected for Mount Everest expedition but needs sponsorship.

Sharma said that Bhagyashree's effort for setting a record at a young age, motivated him to help her.

"Bhagyashree Sawant, being just 18-year-old. She is going to break India's 17 year old record of climbing Mount Everest. She is going to set a record, which is very extraordinary," said Sharma.

"We should be proud of her that at the age of 18, she would be the youngest Indian to set the record. This is what motivated me to climb," he added. lot of people gathered to see Sharma climb the tower of Solitaire Tower in Girgaon, located in south Mumbai.

"This brave attempt by a youngster is a must watch. Such attempts are significant to pursue for other youngsters for sports activities. As earlier also he had climbed many buildings, I was quite sure that he would be successful this time also," said Sunil Pal, a spectator.

Sharma, who started climbing around 11: 45 a.m., completed the feat in around 20 minutes.

Sharma climbed a 32-storied building last year on the eve of Independence Day. e even climbed a 45-storey building and 153 meters tall building of Shreepati Arcade as a mark of tribute to the victims of 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks. (ANI)

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