Retired Director General of Income Tax has plan to cure sick and dying without any drugs

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Nevada (US), Mar 18 (ANI): A retired Director General of Income Tax of India says that give him your terminally ill and dying for few months and he will return them healthy and vibrant.

Mumbai (India) based Veer Dilawar Singh Balahara, who has been atheist most of his life, found inner-light while working in various senior positions in Government of India and started exploring it further. After his about 20 years of self-exploration, he feels that he is now ready to take his mission and enlightenment globally to help the sick.

Although his technique is complex, but in simpler terms it seems to be based around pranayam (exercising control over the process of breathing). He feels that some hidden force is leading him by holding his hand. He himself appears very vibrant at 62 and thinks that these are the best years of his life. Balahara says that his method does not belong to any particular religion or denomination and he wants to take it worldwide once it is proven in India.

He does not want to label himself a "guru" and may accept the term "navigator" for himself. Beauty about the whole thing is that he does not charge any fees. That "inner light" tells me to help the sick for whom all doors have been closed, Balahara points out.

"It was mostly journey within", he tells about his enlightenment experience. Although the exploration continues, but Balahara feels that it is time now to bless others with the energy and transfer some of his light to others. He has served in various senior income tax positions in various parts of the country as Indian Revenue Service officer.

Balahara's goal is to see the happiness and joy returned to the terminally ill and dying and make them energetic and full of life. He says that he will show them a new way of living. He claims that the spiritual journey is very easy to undertake, but the mayajaal (web of worldly illusion) complicates it.

To launch his vision, Balahara is organizing a camp at a Lonavala resort, about one hundred kilometers from Mumbai, from April 16-18. The camp is already full just by word of mouth and without any publicity campaign and he had to refuse many because of limited facilities available.

This "dhyan shivir" (as he likes to call it) will focus on changing the participants as a whole-physically, mentally, and spiritually. In it, emphasis will be laid on understanding: body and its cultivation; five elements and their therapies; subtle bodies, nadis, and chakras; proper way of breathing and pranayam; senses and their cultivation; mind and its conditioning; swar, sound and mantras; meditation and its techniques. (ANI)

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