Dog breeding- a high profit business in Jaipur

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Jaipur, Mar 18(ANI): The number of people owning dogs in Jaipur is on the rise and dog breeding is emerging as a high profit business around this newfound puppy love.

According to the breeders, 300-500 dogs worth Rs. one million are sold in the city every month, and the average price of a good quality puppy starts from Rs. 25000 and goes up to Rs. 100,000.

Owning a puppy has become a status symbol in the region, and the breeders are importing new breeds of dogs from across the country and abroad.

"The dog breeding market is very profitable and everybody wants to enter this market. Nobody had thought that this business could be so profitable. Lots of people have entered into the market and its prospects are bright. New breeds have entered the market. The dogs that are bred here, are sold across the country and abroad," said Rajesh Samariya, a dog retailer.

The dogs are also trained to suit the customer's needs and demands.

"We wake up dogs in the morning and give exercise sessions to the dogs depending on the breed. The dogs are given breakfast and then they rest. In the noon they are given grooming sessions and in evening once more they are given exercise session. Then they sleep," said Nishant, a dog caretaker.

To attract more customers, the breeders have come up with various schemes like exchange of dogs and dogs on hire. (ANI)

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