Latest trend in UK: News mums heading for boobs jobs soon after having babies

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London, Mar 17 (ANI): An increasing number of new mums are going for boob-jobs soon after giving birth, raising concerns among health experts.

Many women make part of the young mum-brigade to go under the knife for getting breast implants within weeks of their babies' births.

Mothers already make up 60 percent of breast augmentation patients, the third most common type of plastic surgery for women after birth, according to research.

Now almost one in three of those mums are under 30, according to statistics from Britain's largest plastic surgery chain, The Harley Medical Group.

"I have seen mothers of 20 with three children come in for boob augmentations. Some come in almost straight from the labour ward," the Mirror quoted Riccardo Frati, consultant plastic surgeon for the clinic, as saying.

His patients are young women who are not prepared to put off the operation until they've finished their families - or wait for time to take its toll on their breasts.

Instead, they want the fuller breasts that pregnancy and breast-feeding can bring, permanently - and while they are still young.

Concerns have already been raised about the number of young mums turning to plastic surgery.

However, implants can rule out breast-feeding and may make cancers harder to detect.

Frati has recommended that mums wait for their bodies to settle down before having surgery.

He also cautioned young mums that there's a chance they will not be able to breast-feed again if they have implants - and in some cases the implants can be rejected if they try it.

Going for surgery carries a 20 percent risk that mums won't be able to feed their babies naturally.

"Timing is important. I recommend waiting until six months after birth - or four months ­after the end of breast-feeding," added Frati. (ANI)

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