Oz bookstore's "control a woman" remote causes outrage

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Melbourne, Mar 16 (ANI): A bookstore in Melbourne is said to have sparked outrage after it was found to be selling a "control a woman" remote and that too on International Women's Day.

According to ABC Radio, Borders was forced to defend the 15 dollars novelty product after a woman told of her anger at seeing it during last week's celebration of female rights and achievements.

Katie Robertson said she was "troubled" by the toy, "mainly because it encourages a stereotype of women as submissive, who are to be controlled".

"There are certain buttons on there. For example, the male may decide that he wants beer, sex or food," News.com.au quoted her as saying.

"He may press a button in which he requires the woman to remove her clothes, cook, clean, leave, (or) say yes.

"There's also a button in which you can increase her breast size," she revealed.

Borders spokeswoman Lauren Thompson said the product was intended to be "a bit funny, a bit of a gimmick", and that "it is base level humour".

She also said the chain sells a "control a man" remote, which has sold out. (ANI)

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