'Da Vinci foresaw end of the world in 4006'

Posted By: Staff
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London, March 15 (ANI): Leonardo da Vinci predicted that the world would meet its end in a "universal flood", beginning on March 21, 4006 and concluding on November 1 the same year, claims a Vatican researcher.

Sabrina Sforza Galitzia, who works in the Vatican archives, alleges the Italian genius hid clues in his Last Supper mural, which, she said, held a "mathematical and astrological" puzzle.

According to Sforza Galitzia, who formerly studied da Vinci manuscripts as a researcher at the University of California, the central half-moon window, or lunette, above his painting of Christ with his disciples before the Crucifixion pointed towards the hidden "code".

"There is a da Vinci code - it is just not the one made popular by Dan Brown," Times Online quoted her as telling Italian newspaper La Repubblica.

Sforza Galitzia further said da Vinci believed that the happening would mark "a new start for humanity". (ANI)

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