Two-year-old gets trapped inside lolly machine!

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London, Mar 13 (ANI): A two-year-old boy is said to have gotten himself into a sticky mess after he climbed inside a claw-grabbed lolly machine and ended up getting stuck.

Cohen Stone climbed through a tiny hatch at the front of the machine during a trip to Siena Italian restaurant in Perth Australia while his mum Kyra, 24, was not paying attention to him.

After he climbed in, no one could find the key to unlock the machine and let him out, so he was trapped for 45 minutes before a locksmith could free him.

"I had been with him in the children's area but took my eye off him for two minutes. When I turned back, he was inside," the Mirror quoted his mother as saying.

"I couldn't believe it. He was out one minute, in the next, like a magician's trick," she said.

But Cohen did taste victory in his hunt for a treat when Kyra let him eat a lolly from the machine while he waited to get out, and the restaurant also gave her a 30-pound voucher.

"I can see the funny side now," she added. (ANI)

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