Button denies cheating claims on McLaren car's radical aero device

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London, Mar 13 (ANI): Formula One champion Jenson Button launched a fierce defence of his McLaren team last night, saying that they are not cheats.

Button and teammate Lewis Hamilton impressive start to the new F1 season in Bahrain on Friday was overshadowed by a row over their car's radical aero device, which gives them a six mph advantage on long straights.

Even though motor sport chiefs have declared the system legal, rival teams have not ruled out lodging a protest if either Button or Hamilton win Sunday's race.

"Our wing is an exciting and ingenious design which has been passed by the FIA and it is working OK," The Sun quoted Button, as saying. .

The device works by affecting the airflow from the car and stopping the rear wing pushing downwards on straights, which reduces drag and increases speed.

But other teams hit out at the F-duct vent system, saying McLaren had opened up another arms race one year after the diffuser row involving Button's then Brawn GP team.

Renault boss Bob Bell said: "It is fundamentally clear the McLaren wing design is totally illegal. They have driven a carthorse through the spirit of the rules and regulations."

Lotus' technical director Mike Gascoyne added: "The aerodynamics on the McLaren are changing all the time. Whether the driver is doing it with the knee or not, the fact remains it is not the same all the time so it's a moveable aerodynamic device. It is a pretty silly interpretation because everyone is going to go and do it. We'll all spend loads of money and for what?" (ANI)

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