Nearly five in 10 Americans disapprove Obama's handling of Detroit bomber

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London, Mar. 9 (ANI): Nearly five in 10 Americans have disapproved the Obama administration's handling of the arrest of Detroit bomber Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab, following two months of continuous criticism by Republicans, a new poll has revealed.

According to a new Democracy Corps/GQR/Third Way poll, even though Obama's overall ratings on national security remain high, at least a 51-44 percent majority disapproves the way his administration interrogated Abdulmutallab.

Republicans have hammered the administration for its decision to read the alleged Christmas Day bomber his Miranda rights.

"Two months of Republican criticism have taken a toll," Politico quoted the pollsters as saying, with a plurality suggesting they feel less confident about Obama's handling of national security because of the way he handled the Christmas Day attempt.

"And when phrased as a partisan attack, a 60 percent majority of likely voters feels more confident about the Republicans on national security," they added.

The poll also found that fifty-seven percent voters approve Obama's handling of national security-ten points higher than his general 47 percent approval rating.

The memo, prepared by veteran Democratic pollsters Stan Greenberg and Jeremy Rosner, said: "Voters resist the argument that the Obama administration simply handled the Christmas bomber in the same way the Bush administration handled the 'shoe bomber' case; this sounds political, and produces a weak response."

Instead, Democrats need to "stress toughness and results" to counter Republicans' accusations of weakness, they say.

On national security, the poll found that 50 percent voters prefer Republicans, while only 33 percent prefer Democrats. (ANI)

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