Northeast celebrates seed sowing festival "Lui-Ngai-Ni"

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Guwahati, Mar 7 (ANI): The end of harvest season is marked by the celebration of the seed sowing festival "Lui-Ngai-Ni" by Naga tribes in the northeast by offering prayers to the almighty for a prosperous harvest ahead.

A festive mood prevailed at the Tenyimi Complex Ground in Dimapur with people costumed in exotic headgears, traditional costumes and ethnic ornaments, celebrating Lui-Ngai-Ni festival with enthusiasm.

The festival, which was held under the theme 'In Him we are one', basically, focuses on preserving the Naga culture and tradition.

During this festival, the God of crops is invoked to shower his blessing on seeds so that the farmers get a bumper harvest.

Naga folk dances like the War Dance, Weaving Dance and the seed-sowing dance were showcased during the festival.

"Interactions amongst the Nagas will bring unity and understanding. Nagas from South has come out here and through such cultural programme, they can bring about more understanding," Panti Rongmei a local.

Lui-Ngai-Ni was also celebrated with equal passion by Nagas of Senapati district in Manipur under the banner "Our Resources our Future".

Different Naga tribes such as Anal, Chothe, Lamkang, Moyon, Monsang, Tarao and Maring showcased their spectacular folk dances and songs.

Apart from the Nagas, other communities in the state like Meiteis, Kukis and Gorkhas also presented their cultural items during the event.

"For the first time, we have an item where tribes will bring baskets filled with seeds, which will be blessed for dedication to God. Those will be later exchanged between tribes," said Grace, Executive member, Lui Ngai Ni Celebration Committee.

"There are many Nagas residing throughout Manipur. Through this festival, we got chance to come and celebrate it together," said Jeeny Sankhii, an artist.

The Lui-Ngai-Ni festival is celebrated annually to promote peace, harmony, and prosperity and to uphold the Naga's cultural identity. (ANI)

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