Russian model says John Terry is 'terrible womanizer'

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London, March 6 (ANI): The Russian model with whom John Terry tried to flirt during Wayne Bridge's party has opened up about the footballer's failed attempt to bed her.

Billionaire heiress Nicole Sconciaforni has spoke out after it was revealed that the axed England captain made a move on her in a nightclub under the nose of her furious boyfriend, sparking a scuffle.

The brazen approach ended with the couple splitting after they had a blazing row.

"John is a terrible womaniser and wanted to add me to his list of conquests. He was very pushy that night. He was very drunk," the Mirror quoted her as saying.

"I can understand my man being jealous.

"John asked me out in front of him so there has been a big problem. John should not have done that in front of my partner. He ended up pushing John out of the way. He was very upset.

"My man first warned him to back off. He told him nicely to back off.

"He was very angry. He saw some guy coming to chat me up and being so close all over me. He started off being nice then told John to get lost and it escalated.

"Later my partner had a go at me and pushed me, and so he was then thrown out of the club," she added.

Nicole claimed Terry bombarded her with texts for weeks afterwards, begging her to meet him in a hotel.

Her boyfriend was convinced she spent the night with the footballer.

But, Nicole, who was out with Sugababe singer Amelle Berrabah at the club, insists that the pair never slept together on the night he tried to bed her.

"I would not normally comment on a story such as this but I do want to put the record straight," she said.

"John is a womaniser. John is mad, really mad. John didn't kiss me but came very close and friends said they could not believe it.

"In front of my man too. They could not believe it.

"After the incident with Terry I stayed with Amelle and other friends and we went to the nearby British Luxury Club. Amelle saved me.

"I didn't leave with John. But because I didn't go home that night my partner thought I was with him," she added. (ANI)

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