Swami Nithyananda reigns the Internet

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Swami Nithyananda reigns Internet
Bangalore, Mar 4: Swami Nithyananda, who shocked the country with an appearance in a sex tape, has taken the Internet by storm.

The spiritual guru's sex tape emerged on Sun TV on Tuesday, Mar 2 evening triggering off violence and outrage in the Tamil Nadu and Karnataka as angry followers of the Swamiji attacked his ashrams. [UPDATE: Nithyananda reveals truth behind the 'morphed' video]

Ever since the news broke the country has been wanting to learn more and catch a glimpse of the Swamiji's sexcapades.

News on Swami Nithyananda

On Wednesday, Mar 3, Swami Nityananda ruled the Google Trends list with the terms related to his scam occupying all 10 spots of the hot searches in India. He continues to reign the list even on Thursday, Mar 4, but only with a little competition from Pravin Mahajan, who died last evening.

The scandal is also a hot topic on Twitter while the existence of a video to such a scandal has sent millions looking for it on Youtube.

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