Kashmiri militancy is a genetic problem: Baba Ramdev

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Jammu, March 4 (ANI): Yoga guru Baba Ramdev on Wednesday observed that following years of engagement or exposure to terror or revolution has affected a number of people here and for them the militancy seems to have a become a genetic problem.

He also said that militants cannot be cured even with yoga, as this runs in their blood and is generally inherited from the family.

"The people whose two-three generations are involved in militancy, have become genetically violent. We have to keep a check on the children, that if they are violently engaged, what is the reason behind it. In that case we have to be extremely careful. So we have to think over it that the values which one inherits by blood can't be cured even through yoga," said Ramdev.

Baba Ramdev visited Jammu and Kashmir state after a period of 17 years and spoke at length the problem faced by the local residents in the state.

He said local residents including the Kashmiri Muslims were of the opinion that they want to remain with India and they aspire for the unity, sovereignty of the country.

The sense of separatism comes from within a handful of people and that is not a mass decision. It is more of a political issue.

Baba Ramdev is well-known for his efforts to popularise yoga, particularly through breathing techniques, throughout India and abroad. His trust aims to popularize yoga and offer Ayurvedic (herbal) treatments. (ANI)

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