Jharkhand villagers accept rural court for justice

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Lalgarhi (Jharkhand), March 4 (ANI): Residents of Lalgarhi village in Jharkhand have evolved a justice system that prevents them to approach courts for day-to-day issues. Everyone here abides by village council's decision on all matters.

The head of the 800-strong village says that such rural court's are necessary as cases are solved quickly, preventing poor villagers from bearing expenses of appearing a regular court or before the police.

"We want that the problems that arise among the locals of our village get solved within the village because our poor fellows can't afford the expenses of the court hearings and police. We feel that if we are able to solve the cases inside our own village on our own, this will help unburden them and save their expenses. Everyone accepts the decision taken in our court, and those who don't, are punished," said Rameshwar Singh Kherwar, village head, Lalgarhi.

Since independence, the villagers in Latehar district have eschewed the state's police and legal services, deferring, instead, to the rulings of the village council, which is headed by the village chief.

Local residents have deep faith in the justice of the village council and express satisfaction with the verdicts.

"Any kind of case, be it a major one or a minor one, we solve it in our court. During the court session, we make both the parties involved in case stand in between the court and question them. We come up with a decision after hearing them and consulting the village head," said Tulsi Singh Kherwar, a villager.

The rural court is held once a week in Lalgarhi village, where crime barely prevails. By Girija Shankar Ojha (ANI)

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